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Fresh Organic Vegetables
Mesclun Lettuce trays


This is not reality just yet. But it is part of our 5 year plan.


We hope you will stay with us as we grow and evolve - and eventually make food production and sustainability a tangible reality.

In the meantime, please become familiar with all our other food offerings in season and what's available here online or at the Gabriola Farmers Markets.


Usually in early to mid-spring we have a variety of veggie and herb plant pots available, ready for you to simply plant in the ground or re-pot into your favourite planter.


Stay updated on the "What Currently on the Farm' page, our Facebook page, MeWe and Instagram on what is available for purchase.


Or if you have any questions and are looking forward something in particular, just contact us via email. We will be happy to let you know what we have on hand.

Squash harvest


We have a variety of different plants and sizes on the go. From veggie starts to herbs as well fruit - raspberry canes are currently front and centre. Sizes include 2 inch pots all the way to 5 gallon. 

WHAT'S CURRENT: Most of our 2" bedding plants are now sold. We still have 1 gallon pots - tomatoes, raspberries, and herb selections available. New 2" herb pots are being seeded in late summer for fall purchase. Sign up for our newsletter to get direct updates on what's available and when.

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