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Cultivars we grow - Other Fruits



Medium sized fruit. Maroon brown, warm colour. Very hardy.

Desert King

Early ripener. Excellent quality fruit.

White Marseilles

Yes it's a yellow white fruit as the name suggests. Translucent and sweet. 

Brown Turkey

Brown-purple skin. Less sweet than a Mission fig. Great in salads or desserts.


Heavy producer. Cold resistant. Excellent for pies, meat dishes, and jellies.


Italian variety. Very dark skin with small fruit. Mid season maturity.

Texas Everbearing

As the name suggests, heavy producer, with dark flesh with burgundy centre.


Coconut Ice

White flesh. Matures late in the season. 


Freestone peach. Yellow creamy flesh. An early season fruit, and very hardy. Self-pollinates too. Excellent for canning and jam making.

more varieties to come ... stay tuned
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