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Cultivars we grow - Pears

our long term plan is to grow at least 20 varieties by 2024 - follow us on this journey as we grow, literally !


Medium to large size fruit, yellow-brown in colour, with a sweet honey aroma. These are late season fruit, with picking not usually happening until at least October.

European Pear - Anjou

A multipurpose pear which is most commonly seen commercially. A very good all around pear that's great for eating, jamming, and baking. 


These pears are usually heavy producers, yielding medium to large size pears, along with a heavenly fragrance. 

European Pear - Moonglow

A heavy producer, with red-pink blush. Great flavour. And good for all around eating, canning, and baking.

Red Anjou

Similar to the Anjou just with a more reddish tinge. 

Red Sensation Bartlett

This is red skinned variety of the regular Bartlett pear. They blush red as they ripen, but otherwise a good all around pear. 


This is a great dessert pear. Just like Chojuro, they are heavy producers with fragrant flowers. Butterflies just love them !


Another Asian pear, the kind that you often seen commercially. Looks like a round apple, but extremely juicy and flavourful. Late maturity.


This is a great dessert pear with a mid season maturity. Very hardy in both cold and heat. Very showy flowers.

Clapp's Favourite

An older variety from the 1800s, this one is a late bloomer, but with tons of juice. Yum !


A very modern pear that is great to eat fresh, but doesn't store well. We use these for cider too.

more varieties to come ... stay tuned
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